Is that my voice?

Finishing my little promomovie for my upcoming book Pfff Amerika, I'll keep you posted!

Still the rain

It's raining an I am not dancing or smiling or enjoy the romantic togetherthinges with my boyfriend.

I never wanted to work more than I do now. I can wine till everybody hates me or I can do something about

it. The problem is I already do. But it's christmas and almost the end of the year, so people are busy with

other things. So the plan is, get really dronk on new years eve and start 2013 in a complete coma and when I wake up

I know I never want to feel this way ever again. On the 2th of Januari I start with my whatever, we shall see!


Two weeks later and it seems that the last box is finally unpact. Still trying to find a job, still try to find my way here, still waiting for the sun who's apparently don't shine here.

The rain is a constant factor who is creating a big cloud above my head. I live in a cocon and don't go out much, bright side is that the house feels good, I like it!

The cat is claming the couch (so that didn't change), my books are all there in the bookcase (I like) and can't wait till it's christmas. Quallity time with my boyfriend, food, drinks and friends.

Bring it on!


Staying for a few days at my old home and realize it's not my home anymore. The feeling changed, the people look different, my old room is cold and empty.

Yesterday was the first day that I went for a walk in Antwerpen. Looking for a job obviously, get lost off course, apparently my internet didn't work, so I had no idea where I was.

But the nice thing of getting lost is that you find more interesting places. And so I did. I saw a beautiful, enchanting city with nicely dressed people, charming buildings and buildings who weren't

there anymore. A variation of old and ugly new. A walked for miles on my high heels and ladies Antwerpen is not a high heel friendly place (beware). I didn't find a job yet but when I do, I finally

can start with my photography, can't wait. But first I need the money to buy new films and where is the f#%ing calumet? Ok maybe I have to get a map for that kind of stuff.


So many changes, live together for the first time with my boyfriend, change countries (oké it's Belgium but nether the less),

find out that I really have to much stuff, explore new possibilities with my photography and so on.

 Tired and confused I start this adventure. Welcome to Antwerpen! (my new home)


What is it that we really need in this world?

Some love,

A little bit of money,

A good book and you are almost there.

Count my blessing every day, twice when I have a bad day.

Like today!

In the woods


Part 2