Today I had a lesson to learn. Correct me when I'm wrong but this is how it feld for me.

It was a beautiful but cold day in Antwerp. I decited to take my camera and shoot the new city I'm living

in. The light was good and wapend with my camera I went to a location were I wanted to shoot later

with a model. But then I saw the highway and hear the noise all around me. I have to do something with

it to give you a impression of it. I wait for a train to come by, but it did not came. At the moment I decited

to go away, it came and off course I was to late. So a voice in my head told me, Hellen the picture is better

with the train on it. So I stayed and wait and wait and wait..... enough time to think. My thoughts were that

I sometimes have to take more time to get what I want to make it more special. I was there for 45 minutes

and there was not another train coming. Freezing to the ground with no feelings in my fingers anymore I

left, without the picture of the train. I waited to long because the weather was changing and the sun went

down. The other picture I had in mind didn't work out because the light was gone. So another lesson for me

that day was that you have to make choices of what is better. Because I waited to long for the train who

never came I missed the other possibility to make a good picture that day. I came home with non good

pictures. So pick you're battles. Don't wait for the train to come, but accept that you missed it and go on

and do the other thing you can do that day.